Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is one of the most resilient material. However, to keep it beautiful and shiny, it is advisable to be cleaned regularly (every 15 to 20 days) with a soft damp cloth or with special products for cleaning stainless steel available in the market.

Do not clean steel surfaces with steel pads, metal brushes, abrasive or powder detergents that could damage the polished surface, scratching it irreparably.  Absolutely prohibited are detergents based on chloric, hydrofluoric, phosphoric and muriatic acids.  The mere contact of their acid vapours can have an oxidising and corrosive action on stainless steel!

Surfaces must be adequately rinsed following cleaning to avoid creating stains or marks and residual build-up detergents that may damage the finish.

Chrome or Anodised Surfaces

May be cleaned with strong products such as normal detergent for domestic surface diluted in lukewarm water, provided that they are not abrasive and do not contain acids or bleach.  Avoid sponges and sources made from synthetic fibres or metal which may leave permanent scratches on the surfaces.  The products must be properly rinsed so that traces of the detergents do not spoil the special finish by causing to turn opaque or oxidise.