With her strong business acumen, three decades of experience in the business and excellent networking finesse, Jestine has progressed from a corporate general manager for a public listed developer to an entrepreneur running her interior furnishing business.

Having been trained in Architecture and International Marketing, Jestine keen interest in interiors and spaces created by architecture leads to her immersion in the furniture industry specialising in offfice, residential and hospitality supply before venturing out on her own in 2007. As the founder of Pure Interior, Jestine understands the need to consider her clients’ cultural and personal lifestyle, business and operations in order to conjure a truly unique and personalised design concept.

She believes sensibility, versatility and passion have allowed the company to establish a regular clientele base and attracting new clients which it garners through international projects, social media platforms and cross-selling within industry.


History of PURE Interior


Pure Interior strives to bring the best design and unique masterpieces for all its project regardless of its destination. We provide solutions on selection, procurement, logistic control and technical suport; maintaining the highest professional service at all times.


Our Trademark - The Hummingbird

The Humming bird is one of several animals that is associated with purity. A symbol of PURE love and joy, it epitomizes the celebration of life, and accomplishing feats that are said to be impossible (it is the only bird that can fly backwards). The hummingbird is also a representation of freedom and lightness of being, all of which aptly reflects PURE Interior’s culture and philosophy and absolute personalization, beauty and creation of harmony to express a truly distinguished style.

Jestine Chin, Founder of PURE Interior