Wood finishes can be maintained by simply wiping with a soft cloth moistened with tepid water. If the coating becomes very dirty, you can add a small amount of a mild detergent to the water ensuring that you wipe the water off with a soft dry cloth leaving the surface completely dry.

It is not advisable to use wax containing polishes as these will create a build-up of residues on the surface. This will then attract dust and dirt which make the furniture appear dirty. Wax residues can also alter the degree of sheen on the surface i.e. matt finishes may appear glossy.

For solid wood furniture, do not leave water, alcohol acetone in the surface, it can create stains.  To avoid damaging the surface finish, do not place hot object on the surface of the furniture. Do not use microfiber cloths, fat-dissolving agents or steam cleaners. For maintenance of the furniture, we recommend to use specific natural vegetable oil for furniture.  If necessary, to repair small scratches, it is possible to lightly sand and wipe with a wet oil wool cloth.  This simple maintenance can be done also at home.

For Lacquered Surfaces

For the most part lacquer is a hard and shiny finish, but it’s susceptible to scratches, chips and wear. It has to be treated carefully. We recommend that you avoid using industrial cleaners and detergent as some may cause damage to the lacquered surface and cause visible and lasting damage. Polishes for lacquered finishes are not recommended. They should be used with caution and only by experts since the abrasive action may irreparably damage the surfaces.

For Engraved/sanded Decorations, Resins, Foil and Antique Finishes

All such surfaces finishes are extremely delicate.  It is therefore necessary to take care on the type and weight of the objects you want to place on top of the decorations because these could get damaged.

Cleaning must be done in a gentle-handed manner using soft and clean cloths, a little dampened with plain water or diluted with non-aggressive and neutral detergents.  It is important not to exert undue pressure on the surface to avoid the forming of marks or non-homogeneous areas.  The use of acid or alkaline detergents can damage the surfaces beyond repair.


Laminate is a man-made decorative material that is very durable, and extremely functional. Laminate surfaces may be cleaned with strong products such as normal detergent for domestic surface diluted in lukewarm water, provided that they are not abrasive and do not contain acids or bleach.  Avoid sponges and sources made from synthetic fibres or metal which may leave permanent scratches on the surfaces.