Vacuum your fabric upholstery regularly using the furniture nozzle and the crevice attachment. Use a soft brush for very delicate fabric instead. These removes dust and prevents it building up within fabric fibres. Accumulated dirt can cause faster wearing and loss of colour intensity.

Spills can be removed by a dry cloth if done immediately. When cleaning upholstery fabric it is important that you keep the use of water to an absolute minimum, possibly with light detergent which should be very dilute. Getting upholstery too wet can result in fabric shrinkage and watermarking. Similarly, water should not come into contact with any metal parts of the furniture, particularly the zips of cushion covers, as it will cause rusting.

Professional dry cleaning may be required for more stubborn stains.

No fabric is stain resistant unless specified.

Care for Upholstered Sofa

  • If you use your sofa frequently, we recommend exchanging the position of the cushions regularly, in order to give them all a similar use.  You should also shake up cushions regularly, in order to maintain their original shape.
  • Do not sit on arm or back rests, they are not designed for it, and it can cause permanent and premature wearing and fabric deformations.
  • When you move your sofa, hold it on its strongest parts.
  • Avoid frictions with sharp corners, buckles, jewels and pets that may tear the fabric.  If this should happen, never pull the threads; cut them carefully using scissors.
  • Not all fabrics are washable.  Before doing anything, seek advice about their specific characteristics and about recommended washing conditions.  We recommended washing always with specialised companies.
  • Washed fabric inevitably loose some of their colour.
  • Fabrics with fantasy patterns cannot be washed.