De Castelli

De Castelli was founded in 2003, but rests its foundations on the experience of four generations of masters in ironworking. On the strength of this know-how built up over time, the company faces the arrival of the new millennium head-on by pointing out to the market a new idea of metalworking, more closely linked to design and custom manufacturing. This brings us to the introduction of the concept of “hard couture”, a linguistic artifice that tends to underline the central role of metal, which becomes the pivotal point of production processes no longer only industrial, but also linked to creativity and artisan knowledge. This mixture allows the brand to create products in series, but at the same time unique, because it is the result of a cultural journey that is renewed every time in a unique way. In this way, De Castelli surpasses the classic concept of metal, understood only as “cold” material and relegated to the margins of design.


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